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    Global Symposium:Technology Of Starch Softgel

    Release Time: On 2020-04-14 15:53

    Global Symposium:Technology of Starch Softgel
    The International Symposium on Starch Capsule Technology and Cooperation was successfully opened at Erkang Pharmaceutical on November 12-15. As the most crucial and basic key of capsules is sol. Tianrui ’s lea talks about how to make a good glue.
    This is the sixth plant gum research summit held by Erkang. It was also the second time we participated. We explain to our customers how to make a good glue. Allows customers to quickly understand the characteristics and practicality of vegetable glue! Now more pharmaceutical companies are investing in plant starch glue, indicating that this is a big trend! A wider choice for the majority of Muslims and vegetarians! It also greatly reduces the use of an animal gelatin and reduces the uncontrolled extraction of animal gelatin!

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